Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Beautiful Scenes of the Mountains

Hi Friends,

Here are some some beautiful scenes of natural beauty of sky touching mountains for your beautiful eyes

The beautiful views of Safari Jungle spreading in the valley of Donga Gali, Murree.

It's wow.....

How is that ??????????????

Cloudy, lush green beautiful valley...... what a marvelous scene ?????

A beautiful Scene of Queen of the Hills ............. MURREE.

Beautiful flowers, a nice gift from the nature.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hiking on the beautiful tracks in the historical Wild Safari Park of Pakistan


Hi Dear Friends!

You are WELCOME on my blog where you will see very beautiful pictures and a lot more information to read about some of historical HIKING TRACKS passing through the dangerous Wildlife Safari Parks as well as jungle. 

I have personal experience of  hiking on the Pipeline Track connecting Ayubia National Park with Dounga Gali used for supplying water to Murree stored in the Mega Water Tanks built in the British reign  in Dounga Gali which is passing through the National Wildlife Safari Park being maintained by the PTDC where about 85 Loins and about 350 Tigers have been kept free in the jungle. Especially it becomes most dangerous for the human being to pass through it when it is starting covered with darkness of the Evening.

This Hiking Track is also passing through this very dangerous Jungle / Safari Park commonly known as Water Pipeline Track measuring about 8.5 Kilometers. This Track is passing through the sky touching mountains and their thousands feet deep valleys which have plenty of Wildlife comprising of Loins, Leopards, Monkeys, Bears, Fox, Parrots, Crows, Peogons, Peacocks, Lizards, Snakes and much more. 

It was very horrible evening when we insisted to hike on the historical Pipeline Track passing through it just a half an hour to the closing hours and went to the FINISHING POINT. But, it became more darker as soon as we were approaching towards the STARTING POINT. Oh..... My God.... When we reached in the Middle of the Track, my friends and I started hearing some screaming which converted into Loud Roaring. I cannot forget those  voices of the Loins, Tigers and Leopards who were just walking on the uphill sidetrack  on which we were walking / hiking. They were roaring and chasing us upon seeing or listening our talking voices. Feeling them closer to us, we started running fast towards the STARTING POINT. All of those wild animals also started chasing us while runing fast on the upper track who were running behind us while roaring loudly.  So, we were running to survive our lives. Oh... My Good Lord.... !!! We called Him for our help very helplessly and continued running on that terrible / horible Track. After running about 10 - 15 minutes continuously, we reached on the STARTING POINT where some people were seen while busy in their life matters. Then we normalized our fast breathing and cool down..

On seeing those fellows, we considered somewhat on safer side and finished running but kept on walking fast for quick EXIT from that BLOODY WILDLIFE PARK and rushed towards our Hotel where we already engaged two rooms and kept our luggage therein. 

On the next morning, we met an old local man who introduced himself as a Forest / Wildlife Guard and told us very interesting but horrible stories of that Wildlife Safari Park / Jungle from where that Hiking Track was passing through towards the Ayubia National Park.